b'S w e d i s h c r a f t m a n s h i p f o r n e a r l y 1 0 0 y e a r s Life is best enjoyed outdoors, surrounded by nature. And for nearly a century, our furniture has been like the clouds silver lining. We are currently Scandinavias largest manufacturer of garden furniture, which is still crafted, as it has been from the start, at our workshop in the heart of Smland. With a passion for craftsmanship, weve devoted decades to designing outdoor furniture that has adorned gardens and balconies alike, gathering friends and family to enjoy breakfasts in the sun, twilight evenings and starry skies. With the tenacity typical of Smland that flows in our blood, weve met the challenges that wind and weather place on our furniture, constantly striving to improve function, quality and not least, sustainability. The ultimate goal is to make sure that our customers spend as much time as possible outdoors, enjoying life, each other and their Hillerstorp furniture!53'