47 the industry, the introduction of EAB Radioshuttle to the North American market is considered to be one of the fastest-growing product launches in history. That’s why it’s built to last – Engineering Principles Constantly updating the content behind the slogan “Built to last” is important for EAB. In the 2010s, this expression develops into a new concept that we call Engineering Principles, where we describe facts and explanations behind the principles, laws and rules that we always follow when we design and manufacture our storage equipment, doors and steel buildings. It’s a way for us to explain why EAB’s products stand apart and why we can guarantee sustainability. It is about safety, but also makes the solution an extremely good investment in terms of costs. We are certified according to EN 1090-1, which is part of our commitment to quality assurance, and we are also starting to work with a new modelling form FEM for optimising cross-sections/designs as well as conducting full-scale testing inhouse.