17 17 Close cooperation and insight are vital for good product development BJÖRN MÅRTENSSON, SALES REP, TRIOPLAST AB Björn Mårtensson started as a sales team member at Trio- plast in 1984. Today, he is responsible for the sale of stretch film as well as building and covering films to Trioplast’s many distributors.   During his years at Trioplast, the company has experi- enced strong development and growth. It is a journey that Björn likes to talk about, and concerns growth in existing markets, new markets, innovations, product development and customer relations that extend as far back as the 1980s.   “The success is obviously due to several factors; it is in- credibly stimulating to work so closely with our customers and develop totally new products together. I think that closeness to our customers and our insight into their busi- ness is a major reason for the company’s success. It’s also a big reason for staying so many years,” says Björn and smiles. Precision and high quality KARL-JOHAN ELIASSON, PRINTER Plastic bags are manufactured at Trioplast in Arvika. One of the 100 people who work here is Karl-Johan Eliasson. Since 1999, he has worked in the print shop, where he keeps an eye on the printing side of plastic bag production in order to maintain high quality in terms of colour and shape.   “It’s important that we always maintain the high quality of what we supply and that deliveries to our customers hap- pen when they ought to,” says Karl-Johan, who believes that high quality, fast delivery and close cooperation with the customer are the reasons why customers choose Trioplast.   Karl-Johan is happy with his work and with Trioplast as an employer. “It’s a safe workplace and we’re a good team that work together,” he says.   He is pleased that Trioplast focuses on the environment and recycling.   “A few years ago, our plastic bags contained 10-15% recycled material. Today, that figure is 80% and the high quality of the bags has been retained. In the future, we will be able to make plastics from new emerging materials, derived from forest products, for example. It’s all about our shared environment, so this is important,” he says. KARL-JOHAN IS A NEW SWEDISH CHAMPION IN BOWLING