19 FUTURE LEADERS tine Juul Ladegaard is Quality Manager for Indus- trial Film at Trioplast in Nyborg, Denmark. Stine is a qualified chemical engineer, has been working at Trioplast for four years and is very happy there. The leadership role is relatively new to her, and she has just completed the fourth and final part of the leadership training that Trioplast organized, in collaboration with IHM Business School, for a number of managers.   “The training has given me clearer support in my mana- gerial role. To me, good leadership is a lot about seeing each employee and finding a group composition in which every- one feels that they can contribute with what they are best at. I love working with my colleagues to achieve a common goal and that’s exactly what I have to do now,” says Stine. Trioplast leadership training focuses on training leaders in influencing, guiding, inspiring and developing employee involvement, and driving change to reach or exceed the set goals.   “It’s important for us that every leader gets the chance to continuously develop their leadership and become an even better manager. We want to actively support our leaders in the challenges they face every day,” says Ulla Hunting, HR Director at Trioplast.   Trioplast is a quality-conscious organization that works closely with its customers, and in the same way, has close relations with its employees.   “Trioplast is a company that listens to its employees. There is a will for constant development and you are happy to test new ideas. As an employee at Trioplast, I feel that you have great opportunities to participate, change and improve. Feel- ing that the company wants to invest in me is extremely im- portant for both my commitment and my ability to succeed,” says Stine. TRIOPLAST TRAINS JIM DAVIDSON, SALES REP / CEO TRIOPLAST LTD. JONAS ARVIDSSON, SALES REP TRIOPLAST FJUGESTA. TOMMY DJERF, SALES AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT TRIOPLAST LANDSKRONA. DAMIEN CABARET, PRODUCTS MANAGER TRIOPLAST FRANCE. DAN CHRISTENSEN, TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT TRIOPLAST NYBORG. STINE JUUL LADEGAARD, QUALITY MANAGER TRIOPLAST NYBORG. CHARLOTTE AUROUSSEAU, HR MANAGER TRIOPLAST FRANCE. MARIANNE NUSHI, CSR & ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGER TRIOPLAST INDUSTRIER. “TRIOPLAST IS A COMPANY THAT LISTENS TO ITS EMPLOYEES. THERE IS A WILL FOR CONSTANT DEVELOPMENT AND YOU ARE HAPPY TO TEST NEW IDEAS.” S