22 22 Recyclable  – inspired by nature’s cycle In southern Europe, farmers and contractors use a large amount of horticulture film to protect their crops and to speed growth. In order to ensure that the plastic film is recycled in a closed cycle, Trioplast, together with the University of Nantes, local farmers and contractors, has developed a system called TrioSmart.   In this system, farmers return used plastic film to Trio- plast where it is recycled and then finds its way back to farmers and is once again used as protection for crops in the fields. At Trioplast, we handle what was previously considered waste as a raw material that can be reused over and over again – a true circular economy that helps us reduce our impact on our environment. INNOVATIVE AND DURABLE TRIOSMART. THE CIRCLE IS COMPLETE. It started with Team Rynkeby, a willingness to help and an idea for a yellow plastic carrier bag. It ended with SEK 3 million being collected for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. It was the joint efforts of 25 ICA stores in Värmland and their customers, in collaboration with Trioplast, that made this contribution to the foundation possible.   “Trioplast backed the idea 100% when I contacted them. Pro- duction, printing, deliveries to the stores and all administration were handled by them,” says initiator Jan-Inge Dahlman at ICA Klingan in Grums.   “We were grateful to be asked and it feels incredibly pleasing to be able to help such a good cause,” states Peter Dahlin, a sales team member at Trioplast. TRIOSMART CHARITY TEAM RYNKEBY Team Rynkeby is a Nordic charity project that collects money every year for children with cancer and their families. The partici- pants are organized in various teams that cycle together to Paris. Today, Team Rynkeby consists of 1,700 cyclists from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, the Faroe Islands and Iceland. Yellow bags generated SEK 3 million