23 23 Colourful bales raise money for research THE TOUR DE FRANCE, perhaps the most prestigious cycle race in the world, started this year in Düsseldorf on 1 July and finished at the Champs-Élysées in Paris on 23 July. During a number of the stages, the cyclists, crowds and television viewers could see the fields decorated with both pink and blue bales. Many of the bales were artistically placed, but one constellation – where the bales were set out in the shape of a bicycle – stood out from the rest. Given that the Tour de France is the third-largest sporting event in the world after the Summer Olympics and the FIFA World Cup in football, our colourful bales got all the attention we think they deserve. Every roll enables money to be contributed to research into breast cancer and prostate cancer. Therefore, we feel our bales deserve to be in the spotlight a little around the world. CHARITY CHARITY Blue and pink from Düsseldorf to Paris THE IDEA OF COLOURFUL BALES came originally from Trioplast’s distributor Agpac in New Zealand, where the cam- paign started in 2014. The pink bales, supporting breast cancer research, and the blue bales, supporting prostate cancer research, then spread to large parts of Europe.   “We are very proud that cooperation with our distributors, farmers and contractors around the world has contributed approximately SEK 4.5 million to local charity organizations,” says Göran Ericson, Business Director Agri. The pink bales have now been joined by pink refuse bags that work for the same good cause.   The Swedish Breast Cancer Association (BRO) is one of many organizations that can benefit from funds collected due to the the pink bales and pink refuse bags.   “We are extremely happy and grateful for the commitment and contribution from Trioplast and Swedish farmers. It in- creases our opportunities to help those who are affected by breast cancer, by means such as funding for research, rehabil- itation initiatives and, not least, support and advice for the victims,” says Marit Jensen, General Secretary of BRO.   The next step in Trioplast’s charity work is yellow bales to support child cancer research. The yellow film, introduced in Australia and New Zealand in autumn 2017, will also be launched in a number of European countries.