3 What do a baby, a brick, a hospital patient and a lettuce have in common? Not much at first glance, but they are all protected by Trioplast products. INNOVATION AND SUSTAINABILITY IN THE BLOOD of the plastic we use is more than 25% recycled plastic? And that percentage willgrow.‘WeAre’istheGroup’scustomer magazine, in which we share stories about the company and our custom- ers – stories of innovation, cross-border cooperation and the people involved.   I hope you find this issue interesting and rewarding. Andreas Malmberg President and CEO rioplast polyethylene film is chosen for all kinds of applications – from dispos- able products, such as baby diapers to products used over signifi- cantly longer periods, such as building films for construction. Often, the films are more sophisticated than the eye can determine, and often they are of great importance for both the shape and function of the product. Trioplast delivers products and solutions based on thin polyethylene film for a wide range of applications in the manufactur- ing, hygiene and fast-moving consumer goods sectors. The products differ, but the demands for quality, reliability and innovative solutions are often the same. Sustainability and environmental considerations are guiding principles throughout our customers’ operations. At Trioplast, we are proud of our strong focus on sustainability, with a developed product portfolio of BIO products and products based on recycled raw materi- als. Did you know, for example, that all ANDREAS MALMBERG, PRESIDENT AND CEO COMMENTS FROM THE CEO T