7 Same focus on environmental responsibility For Abena, active environmental work is a matter of course. The company’s production units in Denmark recycle 95% of all waste stemming from the manufacturing of inconti- nence protection and baby diapers. The waste is collect- ed and sold to recyclers, where it is converted into new raw materials. It helps to reduce the use of natural resources.   Consideration for the environment is something the two companies have in common. At Trioplast, sustainability and the environment are high on the agenda. Climate-smart products and solutions, reduced energy consumption, lower emissions and recycling are things that the company is passionate about.   “It is important for us that our partners have the same focus on environmental and social responsibility that we do. We have very good cooperation with Trioplast, including the environmental perspective, as we are both working to reduce our impact on the environment,” says Arne. “CLIMATE-SMART PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS, REDUCED ENERGY CONSUMPTION, LOWER EMISSIONS AND RECYCLING ARE THINGS THAT THE COMPANY IS PASSIONATE ABOUT.” FACTS · ABENA Abena is a healthcare business that exports its products to over 80 countries worldwide. The company has 1,800 employ- ees and a turnover of approximately DKK 4 billion. Abena’s products are made in Denmark (incontinence protection and diapers) France (bed liners), and Sweden (laminated goods such as washcloths, bibs and linen products).