9 ONLY THE BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH WHETHER WE’RE TALKING ABOUT SUPPLIERS OR CARS, HIGH QUALITY IS WHAT COUNTS FOR JØRGEN STRØJER HANSEN A stable partner Jørgen sees Trioplast more as a partner than a supplier. It is a long-term colla- boration he describes as problem-free and stimulating.   “Trioplast is a stable partner that always delivers high quality on time. It’s incredibly important to us that our production functions without any unnecessary shutdowns or problems, andastablepartnerlikeTrioplastisworth its weight in gold in this regard,” he says.      Over the years, the companies have evolved together in many ways – the close partnership has contributed to both product development and to the development of totally new products.   “Together we have created really good solutions over the years,” says Jørgen. An incredible car collection Outside work, Jørgen has another pas- sion in life: cars. In his unique collection, there are cars that have been owned by JØRGEN STRØJER HANSEN, CEO STRØJER TEGL royalty, Le Mans cars, Grand Prix cars and racing cars. The Strøjer Collection is an exhibition that opened over 40 years ago and attracts many visitors every year.   “My biggest pleasure is not to drive the cars, but rather to walk around the exhibition and just enjoy them. I want to share that feeling with others – that’s why I opened my collection to the public,” says Jørgen. “In our 40 years together, Trioplast has always delivered high quality on time,” says Jørgen Strøjer Hansen. His company, Strøjer Tegl, is located in Assens on the island of Funen in Denmark. It has been a family business for generations. The family has manufactured bricks here since the brick- works opened in 1850.