11 tisimportantthatthesupplychainholdsalltheway,sothat the fodder has the same optimal level of nutrients when it reaches the horses as it had when it was harvested in the field.   “The quality Trioplast delivers to us is quite simply the basis for thesuccessfulpreservationofthefodder,”saysSven-IngeThörn- vall,CEO of HästKraft, who emphasizes that Trioplast is an impor- tant business partner.   HästKraft has been a loyal Trioplast customer since the busi- ness started in 2000. Geographical proximity, important support and, of course, the products themselves have created the founda- tion for the collaboration.   “We have enormous confidence in the products from Trioplast. We never have to think about the quality, because there is al- ways such a high and consistent standard. And it’s a prerequisite if we are going to get everything done during the hectic harvest period,” says Malin Thörnvall, who works in sales and fodder ad- vice at HästKraft. It has to be right from the very start Continuous quality checks are carried out at both Trioplast and Hästkraft. At Trioplast there are frequent and thorough checks to ensure the products have the required high quality before deliv- ery to the customer. Within the company there is a great aware- ness of the negative effects that impaired quality would have on the entire chain – including consequences that would ultimately affect the harness racing stable.   “Ourrawmaterialsareonlyaccessibleduringharvestperiodsand then that’s it. We can’t go back and do it again properly, there is sim- ply no way,” says Sven-Inge, who adds that this is why the security they experience cooperating with Trioplast means so much.   “We know that Trioplast are experts at what they do and we are experts at what we do. This combination means that Peter Untersteiner and other harness racing trainers receive fodder for their horses that is always of the highest quality,” he says.   Peter Untersteiner has been a HästKraft customer since his company was founded and he is just as satisfied now as he was at the beginning.   “Fodder quality means a lot for horses that are competing at the elite level. Good fodder quality is behind many of the suc- cesses we see on harness racing tracks today,” he concludes. FACTS: HORSEWRAP® Haylage contains important nutrients that horses can consume all year round, and which are comparable to grass. Haylage is also more hygienic than hay, which often spreads dust. There are other requirements for horse forage than for cows and the dry matter (DM) content is higher. Therefore, HorseWrap has higher strength to resist tears and punctures. Haylage is also generally handled over longer distances, as horse owners often do not have their own farms. This means that bales are subjected to more handling and the risk of bale damage increases. HorseWrap has been developed to provide extra protection against tears and punctures, and to ensure reliability and durability in handling. Developed in cooperation with SLU HorseWrap was developed and tested in cooperation with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and horse owners around ­ Scandinavia. Extensive research at SLU and practical experience shows that haylage is excellent fodder for horses. REWARDING DISCUSSION AT TRIOPLAST IN SMÅLANDSSTENAR. A POSITIVE EXCHANGE BETWEEN ALL STAKEHOLDERS IN QUALITY- ASSURED COARSE FODDER FROM LEFT: PETER UNTERSTEINER (UNTERSTEINER TRAINING AB), SVEN-INGE THÖRNVALL AND MALIN THÖRNVALL (HÄSTKRAFT I SVERIGE AB). I