12 INNOVATION WITH A GREAT FUTURE ANDREAS LINDBERG AND ANDERS LARSSON This product improves fodder quality while also reducing farmers’ costs for ensiling grass. It is the result of close cooperation between the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), a num- ber of machine manufacturers and Trioplast. The basis for the product is an understanding of far- mers’ reality and challenges. The product in question is the patented mantle ­ film from Trio- plast. It is used mainly within agriculture in the baling of corn and grass silage, but is also used for waste fractions.   “Trioplast’s patented mantle film has higher elasticity than similar products on the market, which means that you get more bales per roll and the total cost for the user decreases as a result. And efficiency increases too, as there is no need to change rolls so often when carrying out the work,” says Anders Larsson, Prod- uct Manager at Agri. Withstands tough treatment The mantle film also provides a more compact bale with a cylindri- cal shape, which means it is easier to handle when being moved or stacked. In addition, the film is very durable and withstands tough treatment without the risk of damage or splitting open.   Trioplast’s collaboration with SLU has been important in the development of the product. SLU has tested the product’s ­capability to minimize fodder losses and maintain the high nutri- ent value of the silage – and the results are very positive.   “Fodder costs are often a considerable financial item for a farmer. The mantle film reduces fodder losses and thus reduc- es fodder costs. The animals get better fodder and can therefore perform better, which generates a higher yield for agriculture,” states Anders. A growing market Trioplast works closely with machine manu­facturers and farmers to keep pace with developments and continuously adapts the product to both new machine types and new crops.   “The various markets have reached different points in the use of mantle film, but we can see that interest in the product is con- stantly increasing. The fact that ­ leading machine manufacturers