13 TRIOPLAST ON THE JURY FOR Innovation competition for recycled plastic Swerea IVF has launched a competition for the recycling and plastics industry in the EU to encourage innovation and inspire companies to dare to use recycled plastic in new packaging solutions. The entrants are required to produce a plastic ma- terial in granulate form that is based on at least 90% recycled packaging plastic from household waste.   Trioplast Landskrona AB has participated in this competi- tion as the jury that judges the competition entries. The par- ticipants’ recycled packaging material (PCR) has been pro- duced in laboratory extrusions. The winner was announced at SPIF’s Plastovations dinner during Elmia Subcontractor by Martin Strååt, Project Manager at Swerea IVF. This year’s winner: RSH Polymere, Germany Motivation: RSH Polymere won the prize because they could offer a material that requires little energy in the sorting pro- cess and the result was a material that was more transparent and has a reduced odour. The other reason was the relatively good documentation available for their material, so that it was easy to understand which raw material they had used and what they had done with it. The competition organizers include: Swerea IVF, ICA, SCA and Trioplast. MARTIN STRÅÅT, SWEREA IVF are developing machines adapted for mantle film is another pos- itive factor in the expansion of the total market for the product,” says Andreas Lindberg, Product Specialist at Agri. Easy to recycle In the development of the mantle film, there has been a great emphasis on ­ minimizing the product’s impact on the environ- ment.   “We want to create a recycling rate that is as high as possible, so we must make it easy for our customers to recycle,” says An- dreas, who points out the ease with which mantle film can be recycled with silage stretch film.   “Quite simply they are recycled together. If you were going to use net instead of mantle film, it has to be separated in various fractions, as the raw materials are different. That’s a procedure you avoid in the recycling of mantle film,” he concludes.