17 Satisfied customers, but we can be better… In the autumn of 2017, 275 Trioplast customers answered a survey on how they perceive us as a supplier and partner. On a 10-point scale, all divisions have advanced and achieved high grades, 7.7 on average for satisfaction and 8.2 for loyalty, which is very good (and an improvement on previous survey results). Our ambition is to achive higher than 8,0 for satisfaction and 8.5 for loyalty. High grades • trustworthy and reliable supplier • shows initiative and commitment • professional with considerable expertise • products and solutions of high quality We are already working on the improvement areas that custo- mers pointed out and these areas are included in our current group strategy. These points included more innovation and better information relating to news and new products. It will, of course, take time before the customers notice the effect, so it is important that we continue with these purposeful activities. It was possible for respondents to answer the survey anony- mously or give their names. We will use the collected answers as a basis for general improvement. Answers from those who gave their names will form the basis of a dialogue with them on how we can improve our partnership. Would you like to know more about the survey? Ask your immediate sales manager or Sören Boe, Trioplast Nyborg, who was the project manager. TRIOPLAST.COM IN GERMAN, FRENCH AND FINNISH LAUNCH JULY