19 “Here I get the opportunity to grow” CAROLINE RICHARD, PROCUREMENT MANAGER, TRIOPLAST FRANCE A good cooperation and close interaction is the foundation for the best solutions. This is what Caroline Richard believes, she is the Procurement Manager at Trioplast in France. As Pro- curement Manager she knows the importance of close col- laboration with both Production, Development, Planning and Finance to make the best decisions. An interaction that she particularly appreciates.   “We have good internal cooperation at Trioplast. For me, cooperation means I have a better understanding of the en- tire business, which means that I can perform better in my working role. When different types of expertise meet, creativity ­ increases and provides new approaches. This helps me to de- velop and Trioplast to develop as a company, and ultimately benefits our customers,” she says.   Caroline has worked at Trioplast for 11 years and her role is to ensure that material and components that are essential for production are always in place. She thrives in her job and with the company, and she appreciates the opportunities for professional development that are available to employees.   ”At Trioplast you get the opportunity to bloom through dif- ferent types of educations. The fact that the company also trust me to work independently and make my own decisions helps me to develop both as a person and in my profession while I’m having fun at work”, she concludes. ”Open dialogue and respect for each other means our products will be very good” LAILA MATHIESEN, SALES COORDINATOR, TRIOPLAST NYBORG Laila’s working day at Trioplast in Nyborg involves many dif- ferent tasks. Among other things, she answers queries from customers and handles the internal coordination of matters relating to the customer’s project. A lot of her work involves preparations for printing, along with the graphic designers.   After 35 years at the company, she has extensive experience of the products and has created strong links with customers.   “The best thing about my job is that it is so multifaceted – I work in the long term with loyal customers, while I am always looking for new, exciting challenges. In my coordinator role, I am right there at the start, which is fun,” says Laila and continues:   “Wegetonwelltogetheratthecustomerservicecentreand there is a good vibe and atmosphere throughout the building. Everyone helps and supports each other in our daily work. This is a culture with an open dialogue and we have respect for each other and each other’s work. Together, we have long experience in this industry, and that has great significance for the production of the quality products we deliver to our customers.”