20 The machine is now working in produc- tion at Trioplast in Smålandsstenar. It was installed in the spring of 2017 and the production line will be working at full ca- pacity in the summer of 2018. The annual production of what Trioplast calls the cast line will be 15 000 tons. Considerable customer benefits Trioplast’s technicians analyzed the need and concluded that certain types of film achieved the best characteristics with 13 layers, while others using nanotechnol- ogy, such as in Trioplast’s machine, have 55 layers. When a machine supplier devel- oped a machine that could combine these two technologies, it was an easy decision to make the investment. “Now we can offer the best tailored solu- tions for each application with the optimal number of layers. We want to maintain our position as a leading high-performance­ manufacturer, but that requires that we are constantly one step ahead. This in- vestment is an important step of that kind,” says Carl Burge, Sales and Market- ing Manager at Trioplast.   The production line is adapted to pro- duce very thin films all the way down to 8 micron.   “The machine is very stable, which means we can go thinner than we have ever been able to do in the past. This leads to material savings and at the same time a positive environmental impact for the customer without compromising at all on product quality,” says Carl. Stable and reliable He is backed up by Anders Roos and ­Johan Forsman, who are process technicians and colleagues at Trioplast. Anders and Johan have the highest level of expertise on the new machine and closely monitor the ­production line.   “The machine is very smooth to handle and is incredibly stable. We have an ef- ficient and reliable production process with a very low reject percentage,” states Anders.   Anders and Johan learned about the machine in detail during the period be- tween installation a year ago and produc- tion start.   “That long learning period means that we feel very secure now that production is in full swing,” says Johan. 13 TO 55 LAYERS FOR CUSTOMIZATION It is unique of its kind and the only one in the world that can switch between 13 and 55 layers. This flexibility is impressive and creates considerable benefits for Trioplast’s customers and their different ­ types of applications. We are talking about the very latest techno- logy and Trioplast’s latest investment for SEK 60 million. JOHAN FORSMAN AND ANDERS ROOS, PROCESS TECHNICIANS