3 The EU’s new plastic strategy for a sustainable society, based on the circular economy, fits Trioplast like a glove. also thinnest, film. This is a reliable choice for our partners and customers, but per- haps most importantly – a true eco hero. Read more about this and other eco he- roes in this issue of WE ARE! Andreas Malmberg CEO Trioplast Industrier AB A couple of months ago, the EU Commis- sion put forward its new plastic strategy, a step to get the member states to move more rapidly towards a circular economy. This is the start of a very interesting journey for industry and consumers. The goals of the strategy include: recycling of plastic packaging is to be 55% in 2025, a considerable increase on today’s level. Furthermore, member states are to have reached a stage by 2030 in which all plastic packaging on the market can be recycled or reused. These are ambitious goals, and a major step for many com- panies in the plastic sector – but not for Trioplast. Our production already contains 25% recycled plastic. We collect, wash and reuse plastic in new products. But, it is not just recycling that is important in our environmental work at Trioplast. The continuous development of our product portfolio is equally important. We make our products stronger and thinner – so that less of the product needs to be used – and this reduces the ­ environmental impact. Our latest investment – of approx. SEK 60 million – gives us the possibility to produce the market’s strongest, but NEW ENVIRONMENTAL HEROES SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY COMMENTS FROM THE CEO ANDREAS MALMBERG IS TESTING THE STRENGTH OF ONE OF TRIOPLAST’S ULTRA THIN PALLET STRETCH FILMS. THE FILM HAS A THICKNESS OF ABOUT 10 MICRONS, WHICH IS ALMOST 5 TIMES AS THIN AS REGULAR HAIR.