4   “Trioplast was the only company that saw the potential and got involved in finding a solution,” says Joel Eriksson, Production Manager at Fiskarhedens Trävaru. A tough journey Trioplast supplies timber coverings to Fiskarheden. The wrapping must withstand tough stresses and rough treatment on its way to the destination – from the sawmill to loading at various ports before final delivery to customers who may be on the other side of the world.   “The package must be completely sealed to protect the tim- ber. And the delivery must also look good when it arrives at the end customer – that’s very important,” says Olle. This works very well at present, but according to Olle’s motto: “everything can always be better”.   That is why the company, together with its partner Trioplast, is expending a lot of energy to create an even tougher and stronger wrapping for the timber packages.   “Trioplast is trialing and testing different variants in our machine in order to find the best mixture for our needs. They are extremely Fiskarhedens Trävaru is a sawmill that started up in 1923. It is now one of Sweden’s largest sawmills with 125 employees. After 95 years, the company is still dynamic. n addition to our high timber quality, we must always be open to using new technology in order to increase our effi- ciency. Technology has in many ways been the key to our success and we have never been afraid to make changes in order to improve,” says Olle Larsson, CEO of Fiskarhedens Trävaru. Having the right business partners and suppliers is also an im- portant component in a successful concept. The collaboration between Fiskarheden and Trioplast has worked very well since it began in 2008, as Olle explains:   “We constantly try to be better at what we do and that’s the same driving force that we have seen in Trioplast. Consequently, we are a perfect fit for each other,” he says. Trioplast saw the potential Fiskarheden were unique in Europe when they invested in an au- tomatic wrapping machine a few years ago. The machine came from the USA and Fiskarheden were forced to order their wrap- ping from there. This meant long delivery times and Fiskarheden has to maintain a large buffer stock. Consequently, they started putting out feelers to find a supplier in Europe. ”A PERFECT FIT” I