6 Just over three years ago, 31-year-old Mamoun Haj Mohamad fled the war in Syria for an uncer­ tain future in Denmark. Along with two other new-­ comers, he has been on a two-year IGU place- ­ ment at Trioplast Nyborg since February 2017. or us it has been crucial to help vulnerable people get a chance to acclimatize and do an ordinary job. As Denmark has taken in people who are distressed, we must help them so they can build a life and stay here on the right terms, which I believe is what most people want. IGU placements play a very important societal role,” says Søren Boe, Business Development Manager at Trioplast Nyborg.   The fear that an IGU student on lower pay would replace a permanent employee is not something that Trioplast is con- cerned about. Instead, the employees feel pride that the com- pany is helping. Mamoun has come in as an extra resource for the team. His training means so much more than the actual work duties, as it also relates to language, work ethic, safety and how the workplace functions.   “The language is the biggest challenge, but it’s easier to learn when you are out in real situations. This is a Danish work- place and we only speak Danish. It’s important to be able to communicate with colleagues and essential to understand the safety instructions on all the machines,” concludes Søren Boe. PROUD TO HELP IN THE INTEGRA- TION PROCESS F IGU · BASIC TRAINING FOR INTEGRATION MAMOUN HAJ MOHAMAD AND SÖREN BOE ”We are happy to have Altor as new majority owner,” says ­ Andreas Malmberg, CEO of Trioplast. “Altor has a long-term perspective and we have a common view of how to develop Trioplast into an even stronger partner for its many custom- ers,” Andreas Malmberg continues.   ”We are proud to become owners of a Swedish industrial­ treasure like Trioplast”, says Bengt Maunsbach, Partner at ­ Altor. ”We are impressed with the company and the manage- ment team and we look forward to developing the company further. We believe that there is a lot of potential in the many high-tech product segments and we will keep investing in new technology to produce sustainable plastic,” Bengt Maunsbach continues.   The transaction is subject to customary regulatory require- ments and approvals. Altor and key executives in the manage- ment team will, after the transaction is completed, own 100% of the shares. ABOUT ALTOR Since inception, the family of Altor funds has raised some EUR 5.8 billion in total commitments. The funds have invest- ed in excess of EUR 3.8 billion in more than 40 companies. The investments have been made in medium sized Nordic companies with the aim to create value through growth initia- tives and operational improvements. Among current and past investments are Apotek Hjärtat, Carnegie Investment Bank, Dustin, Helly Hansen, Lindorff, Piab and SATS ELIXIA. On March 29th, Altor Fund IV (“Altor”) signed an agreement to acquire Trioplast Industrier AB (“Trioplast”) from Mr Bo Larsson. TO ACQUIRE TRIOPLAST ALTOR