12 “We text each other and send emails and always find a time when we can talk on the phone if necessary. We always find a joint solution,” she says.   New Zealand has the full spectrum of environmental zones, something that benefits the field tests.   “New Zealand is also very advanced in terms of technology and has a wide range of machines to test on. It is, in other words, an excellent test market for Trioplast,” says Robert Gustafsson, Product Special- ist at Trioplast. 1,800 tons of plastic recycled every year Helen Slattery commits 100% energy to everything she does. This applies wheth- er it concerns improvements in the sector she works in, a safer work environment or active sustainability work. Her driving force to change things for the better led to Slattery Contracting becom- ing involved in the start up of the Plasback recycling system about ten years ago.   Plasback makes it possible for farmers to recycle the plastic wrapping around si- lage bales instead of burning or burying it, which has often been the case before.   “I want my children to grow up in a sustainable society where material is re- cycled and used again – simply a circular system. In the first year of Plasback, we recycled around nine tons of plastic. Now, we collect about 1,800 tons every year and the volumes are still increasing. There is no doubt that the farmers see the value of the Plasback recycling system, and it is gratifying to see more of them are joining the system,” concludes Helen. PLASBACK MAKES IT POSSIBLE FOR FARMERS TO RECYCLE THE PLASTIC WRAPPING AROUND SILAGE BALES INSTEAD OF BURNING OR BURYING IT, WHICH HAS OFTEN BEEN THE CASE BEFORE. Continued from previous page 12