16 Continued from previous page THE FUTURE IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER The BEWi Synbra Group has great hopes for its continuing collaboration with Trioplast.   “The BEWi Synbra Group together with Trioplast is to be a leader regarding recycled materials in the packaging – that is our clear ambition. Within one year, we will have recycled material in our packaging to a high degree. From 0 to 100% is definitely the target,” says Trond, who is also following the development of plastic made from forest waste with great interest.   “If the BEWi Synbra Group becomes the first company to use different types of bioplastic, from forest waste for example, I would be very proud! Just think that we could recycle via our own Nordic forests. It’s a project I am eagerly following,” he says. LOCALLY SOURCED PLASTICcan come from the forest, or more precisely from the waste products the forestry industry discards in the form of branches, tops, bark and sawdust. Behind the breakthrough of converting forest raw materials onto bioplastic is a long and intensive research project by Sekab, a Swedish chemical and ethanol company. In 2014, they started the Locally Sourced Plastic project in close cooperation with Trioplast and others with the aim of creating a value chain all the way from the forest to finished products such as carrier bags, packaging and diapers. This was carried out successfully and today the knowledge and technology are in place. The next step is to scale up and commercialize the production of green plastic. 16