19 F A 100% RECYCLABLE SILAGE FILMwith qualities that provide high fodder quality while also giving the farmer significantly smoother handling than its equivalents on the market. It is a patent pending product in which the secret lies in the right blend of recycled granulate and care- fully selected additives. Tri02 is a unique silage film, which has been developed by Trioplast. odder quality is totally decisive for how much fodder animals eat and consequently also for their growth, health and production. Trioplast applies this focus to develop and produce new products for agriculture and in this case there are a lot of positive aspects. For example, Tri02 is virtually airtight, which means that mould and other organisms that can adversely affect fodder quality are kept out and high fodder quality can be ensured. With consideration for the environment “We want to develop products in which we do not compromise on the high quality we strive for or our all-important consid- eration for the environment. At the same time, the new innovations are also to make the farmers’ work easier and more time-efficient. With Tri02 we have succeed- ed on all counts,” says Thierry Gauchet, MD of Trioplast France.   The time-efficiency aspect lies in the Tri02 film’s low weight, which makes hand- ling smooth and simple for farmers. In addition, there is no need for an un- derlayer, which saves many hours of work for those using the film. Tri02 can do the job excel- lently on its own, making an underlayer completely unnecessary.   As well as being 100% recyclable and eliminat- ing the need for an underlayer, the film’s thickness and flexibility also reduces the volume of film required to cover the fodder – an important consideration for the envi- ronmental that is also gentle on the wallet. “Tri02 partly consists of recycled granu- late that is produced and tested at our site to live up to the tough demands we set for our products. We have full control throughout the process so that we can guarantee a film of the very highest quality,” says Thierry Gauchet.