28 YEARS OF SUCCESS 50 The investments have resulted in a mod- ern facility with machines that guarantee both high quality and high production ca- pacity. Developing the unit has been an important part of Trioplast’s ambition to attain a leading position in products and services for the agricultural sector. The facility is also very advanced in terms of recycling and reusing.   “We are proud of our current recycling percentage, but we are not satisfied yet. We will continue to develop, both in terms of further increasing recycling and also by increasing knowledge within the compa- ny,” says Thierry Gauchet, CEO of Trioplast France.   Thierry Gauchet took the opportunity to show visitors around the facility and was pleased with the anniversary celebrations. “It was enjoyable to meet customers, business partners and staff with their families over the two days. It was particu- larly enjoyable to listen to staff members talking about their years at Trioplast and how much they like it here. That makes me happy,” concludes Thierry. “Without our talented staff and all the investments we have made, it would not have been possible to be where we are today,” said Andreas Malmberg, CEO of the Trioplast Group when he spoke to an audience of staff, customers and partners to kick off the 50th anniversary celebrations of Trioplast’s factory in Pouncé, France.