3 COMMENTS FROM THE CEO A RESPONSIBILITY THAT IS GROWING EVERY DAY t is difficult not to become emo- tional when you read about all the emerging ideas and initia- tives in the environmental area. Many ideas are well thought-out and will contribute to an im- proved, circular use of plastic. One example is the new plastic sorting facility currently under construction in Motala, Sweden. This will enable the sorting of almost all of Swe- den’s consumption of plastic, which can then be used again in new products. This is an excellent initiative! However, there are also ideas that are not so well thought-out and will not contribute to a circular society. Biodegradable plastic is one such idea. On paper it is a good notion, even though it is not circular but socio-economically waste- ful in that valuable material is not recycled – it is composted and biodegrades instead. However, the main problem is that biode- gradable plastic in normal environments does not degrade, or else decomposes very slowly.   This risks making it a very considerable problem for the industry, not to mention the consequences for the environment. What we need instead are initiatives for recycling (which you can read more about in this issue of We Are) and courageous brand owners who use recycled plastic in their products. I hope you enjoy reading this issue! Andreas Malmberg CEO Trioplast Industrier AB I 3