7 have always been interested in horses and more or less grew up on the back of a horse,” says Rainer Ström, CEO of RS Mus- tang – Scandinavia’s only complete sup- plier of bedding products in a wide range of materials including peat and chopped straw.   “Our customers are in the horse busi- ness and one thing they have in common is wanting to give their horses the best, regardless of whether it is bedding or fod- der,” he says   It was exactly that thought that formed the basis for the company. Rainer consid- ered it was difficult to find quality bedding in Sweden for his horses and had to im- port it from England. The imported bed- ding turned out to be the starting point for RS Mustang, which began trading in 1985. In the same year, Trioplast began supply- ing the company with wrapping to protect the products during storage and delivery. “At the start it was just a pure coincidence that it was Trioplast, but that coincidence led to a smooth partnership that has worked ever since,” says Rainer. Trioplast is an important partner The long-term partnership is due to Trio- plast’s broad offering, strong expertise and high involvement, in combination with great respect for RS Mustang’s business.   “It’s very important to me that my sup- pliers take responsibility for their prod- ucts and deliveries, so everything works within my business. Trioplast has always assumed that responsibility,” states Rainer.   A large part of the secret behind RS Mustang’s success is the ability to sense market needs and continuously develop products that are aligned with custom- ers’ requirements. Trioplast has also been an important partner in this area over the years. For Trioplast, new products at RS Mustang also means the further devel- opment of existing products or, in certain THE BEST BEDDING WRAPPING A WINNING PARTNERSHIP FOR When RS Mustang started its business 30 years ago, it also began its collaboration with Trioplast – a successful partnership that is still flourishing. Continued on next page I