b'Together we take responsibility from field to fork. This promise from Lantmnnen is familiar to many people in Sweden. But not quite as many are aware that Lantmnnen is a cooperative owned by nearly 25,000 Swedish farmers.We represent quality and added value for customers, says Madeleine Mortin, product manager for plastic, net and twine at Lantmnnen. And thats what we feel we get out of our collaboration with Trioplast. She describes the collaboration as more of a partnership than a traditional customersupplier relationship, mentioning the close communication between the companies, their common goals, and their shared strategies for achieving them.Its a rewarding collaboration for both parties. We come from different parts of the chain and simply complement one another so well, she says.Everything must run smoothly during harvestThe support and technical service offered by Trioplast is highly rated by Lantmnnen. The high availability is particularly appreciated, even more so when harvest time comes around and the farmer or contractor has hundreds of bales to make in a short period of time. We work day and night and its basically a nightmare if things dont work as they should, says Madeleine, who has received very positive feedback on the support received by farmers when things go awry.There are many different reasons why things might not work as they should during baling, from incorrect machine settings to the weather conditions on a given day. This complexity can make it difficult to troubleshoot things over the phone, says Madeleine.Thats when Lantmnnen and Trioplast call on the farmer together, and its much appreciated, she says, adding that farmers often describe the time saved by such quick support and service as invaluable.This is a joint initiative taken by the two companies to ensure that Lantmnnen receives the necessary aftermarket help and support. It is also this insight that leads to an understanding of the importance of long-term and active partnerships in business. Were constantly learning new things out in the fieldabout what situations can arise during baling, what faults can occur and, above all else, how to ensure that the same faults dont reoccur, says Madeleine.17'