b'HOW IT WORKS CARGO SECURING IN PRACTICE*Analysis of the overall logistics flow of the concerned goods. The cargo must be secured so that it cannot slide, tip, shift or roll on The nature and sensitivity of the goods and their transportthe trailer during transport. conditions: friction, transhipment, restrictions, etc. The scope Securing can be achieved by means of locking, blocking, lashing, and objectives of safe cargo optimisation are established.wrapping or a combination of these. All loose cargo securing equipment, such as straps, chains and Assessment of the current situation. Inspection of operations,braces, must not be damaged and must be marked.the concerned goods and the machinery used in production. All fixed equipment must be suited to the cargo, must not be Following this, identical goods are sent to Trioplasts facilitydamaged and must be marked.for durability testing, evaluation and optimisation until we*As defined by the TYA, a Swedish organisation for the joint interests achieve the ideal level of approved transport packaging andof the logistics sector.successfully validate the chosen solution.Trioplast implements the changes and ensures that the transport packaging lives up to expectations. The report will be handed over. This is a valuable document confirming that the tests have been conducted and that the transport packaging meets the requirements for safe cargo securing.19'