b'MADELEINE MORTINLantmnnenStationary machines cost money90% of the problems are down to the machinery and machineTrio Agri Academysettings, not the stretch film itself, he says. But for Torbjrn, it doesnt matter where the issue liesthe point is to make sureSupport can also be provided in other forms, such as training customers can get back to work quickly. Because stationarycourses. This is something that Trioplast has always offered machines cost farmers time and money. its customers over the years. Moreover, a few years ago We can usually fix the fault immediately on site withwe launched Trio Agri Academy, a tailored training course the customer, says Torbjrn, who enjoys going out to meetfor bigger customers. First out was Lantmnnen, whose customers. For me, its important to be out there in the realsales staff enjoyed a day filled with product information, world as often as possible. Thats how you get to know moremanufacturing methods, process techniques and the about customers day-to-day work. It wouldnt be as effective if Itesting and analysis methods used at test facilities and was sitting behind a desk, having a conversation over the phone. labs. This tailor-made training course will soon be provided again to another group from Lantmnnen.Our sales staff knows what challenges farmers face and FACTS the course at Trioplast enables them to recommend the best products for the farmers needs. We really appreciate Lantmnnen offers its customers silage stretch film fromthe training days and theyre perfectly in line with what we Trioplast. This film is used to conserve coarse fodder in a waywant to offer: quality and added value, says Madeleine.that preserves its nutritional value so that farm animals can be fed high-quality fodder throughout the year. More meters per roll also means greater wrapping efficiency, resulting in improved profitability and time savings for contractors and farmers alike. Fewer transport runs and increased recycled material use also reduce environmental impact.24'