b'INNOVATIONNEW PACKAGING DESIGN WITH SUSTAINABLE ADDED VALUEPOUANCFRANCET rioplasts French organisation in Pouanc has workedWe had a clear sustainability mindset throughout the to develop a new packaging design for the companysprocess from the very start, so it didnt stop with new silage sheets to help them stand out from the crowd.packaging, says Lyna.The starting point was a desire for better packaging andThe thickness of the packaging film was reduced from to make it easier for customers to choose.200 microns to the current 140 microns. And while the We wanted to develop new product packaging that, purelypackaging material may be thinner, it is also stronger, for marketing purposes, stands out and is better at capturingwhich means less plastic is used. the customers attention, says Lyna Ould-Amer.Less waste on the groundBetter for customers and the environment Additionally, the old metal wire seal was replaced with a The strictly visual change consists of a new background colourplastic band. The advantage of the plastic band in contrast and product-specific labels in several different colour combi- to metal wire is that the farmer can easily see and pick up nations. The product information has been improved and everythe plastic if it happens to fall on the ground. package has also been given a clear Trioloop logo. Also, theThis project was the perfect combination of marketing longitudinal gluing protects the reel from water and dirt ingressand sustainability, finishes Lyna Ould-Amer.while the packaging ends simplify the reel handling for the farmer.2299'