b'T rioplasts Triogreen stretch hood is the worlds first stretch hood film made solely from biomaterial. This is a clear step towards Trioplasts vision of carbon neutrality: a vision that we are striving to achieve by means of innovative collaborations with suppliers and customers alike. The Triogreen stretch hood, which is based on vegetable oil sourced from rapeseed and sunflowers, was developed by Trioplast in collaboration with Total.Today, Trioplast is one of the few companies in the world that can offer polyethylene film made from a renewable raw material as a complement to conventional polyethylene film. The environmental benefits are self-evident and the products offer the exact same high performance as fossil-based plastic alternatives.Here, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, and we consider it a major advancement in sustainable development that compromises neither quality nor performance, says Jan Teglgaard Trioplast.As of September 2019, Trioplasts production facility in the Danish town of Nyborg is certified in compliance with the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS standards. This certification confirms that Trioplast is contributing to the responsible procurement of bio-based raw material, which enables the production of films based on biomaterial. As a leading producer of polyethylene film, we take respons-ibility for the environment in everything we do. We strive to reduce the amount of material in our products, we recycle waste materials and we continually refine our expertise in order to reduce our use of non-renewable raw materials. In short, we design solutions for the future, says Jan Teglgaard at Trioplast.FACTSTrioplasts growing sustainability portfolio encompasses four brands: Trioloopproducts based on recycled polyethyleneTrioleanproducts made of thinner materials with retained or improved performance Triogreenproducts based on bio-based polyethylene Triogreenwaysustainability services, including tailored lifecycle analyses31'