b'HILLERSTORP 2021I c o n g u i d eFoldable Adjustable Stackable Extendable Extra durableUV-protectedsurfaceRequiresWashable Easy All-weatherRequiresNatural Made in protection maintenance cushion assembly material SwedenThe products in this magazine are only a selection, see Hillerstorp.se for our entire range, designs and colour versions.S u s t a i n a b i l i t y t o d a y a n d t o m o r r o wFor us, sustainability is about the entire cycle, how our products affect the environment from manufacturing via logistics and delivery to your garden or terrace. We are proud to run our business with a focus on the environment and sustainability in both thought and action. It is an ongoing process, and the work is far from complete - but we are well on our way and we never stop striving to get better, work smarter and become more sustainable. Read more about our sustainability work and our certifications at Hillerstorp.seHillerstorp Sweden 2022. We reserve the right to make product updates and want to inform that there may occur printing errors. For technical reasons, variations in colours may occur. Production: Mecs Reklambyr/ 2 Printing: Printografen/Photo: Mecs Reklambyr, Max Alm-Norell, Kalle Palmaer.'