5 JOEL ERIKSSON, PRODUCTION MANAGER MAGNUS LARSSON, VICE PRESIDENT/SALES NORTH AFRICA, EUROPE, ASIA TONY RISSANEN, SALES REPRESENTATIVE TRIOPLAST SIFAB AB MATTIAS LARSSON, SALES/PRODUCTION perceptive about what we need and that is one of the reasons our collaboration has lasted so many years,” says Joel. Developing together Tony Rissanen, a member of the Trioplast Sifab sales team, thinks the collaboration with Fiskarheden works very well. He appreciates the open and direct dialogue that exists between the companies, something that has been an important prerequisite for product development work.   “We would not have been able to develop the plastic into what it is today if we had not had such a good collaboration,” he says. The cooperation and commitment from Trioplast is clear and positive – from the management and technicians through to the sales team, points out Olle.   “It’s fantastic the way they have got involved in our company and what they have done. They have been perceptive about problems that have arisen, they have never given up and have always solved the problems for us,” he concludes. FISKARHEDENS TRÄVARU AB Fiskarheden Trävaru AB was established in 1923 and has been a family company ever since it was bought in 1988 by Larsson-Hus. It is now one of Sweden’s largest sawmills with 125 employees. The line at the sawmill has been high-tech since an investment in 1999. Since the installation, sawing capacity has increased from 85 000 m3 to 340 000 m3. Slow growing trees, nutrient deficient soil and a bitter climate are the factors that create wood of the highest quality that is strong, robust and has small twigs. Which is very suitable for furniture and joinery, and is exported worldwide.