7 orticulture film is among the products manufactured at Trioplast’s facility in Pouancé, France. The film pro- tects cultivated vegetables from harmful insects while also creating good growing conditions. It takes a rela- tively large amount of horticulture film to cover fields and previous- ly the waste caused by the used film has been a problem. But that was then – things are different now. Instead of burning or throwing away the waste, the horticulture film and other plastic waste is now recycled in a closed cycle at the company.   “We reduce our environmental impact by recycling and do it with­ out compromising product quality,” states Jérôme. It is very impor- tant, he emphasizes, that using recycled material does not affect the horticulture film’s elasticity, strength or durability in any way. Quality throughout the process Plastic recycling at Trioplast is a process involving many quality checks – from the first sorting to refined sorting, washing and dry- ing on to the point where the material is melted down into pellets and becomes usable plastic again. The stringent quality checks help to ensure the quality of the renewed plastic is always con- sistently high when it goes into production again.   “Recycling almost 10 000 tons of plastic each year makes a big difference for the environment and of course it feels inspiring RECYCLING IS OPTIMAL FOR THE ENVIRONMENT both for us at Trioplast and for our customers,” says Jérôme, who mentions that a third recycling line must soon be added to the existing two at the factory.   “Environmental engagement is high and there is considerable interest from our customers. This means that demand for recy- cled material is constantly increasing, which is very pleasing,” concludes Jérôme. H “Every year, Trioplast recycles thousands of tons of plastic ­ at the facility in Pouancé. Used plastic goes into production again instead of ending up in the waste flow. That is some- thing we are proud of,” says Jérôme Klaeylé, Scrap Purchaser & Recycling BU Manager at Trioplast France. JÉRÔME KLAEYLÉ, TRIOPLAST FRANCE