b'TRIOPLAST AND STENA RECYCLING COLLABORATIONTHERE REALLY IS NO LIMIT TO WHAT CAN BE ACHIEVEDAndreas, CEO of Trioplast, is passionateWe want to increase the amount of recycled plastic in our bags about recycling: the unlimited use offrom 80 to 90 percent, and so we need a reliable value chain recycled plastic in a closed loop. Plasticto guarantee products of the best quality. Stena Recyclings recycling is still in its infancy, so we haveinvestment in a new recycling process will enable this, and major opportunities ahead of us whentogether we can contribute to achieving a circular economy, it comessays Andreas.to usingThe collaboration between the recycledtwo companies gives retailers in Andreas Malmberg,plastic toTHE JOURNEY TOWARDS ASweden the chance to use bags manufactureand carrier bags mainly comprised Chairman and CEO new products.CIRCULAR ECONOMY HASof recycled plastic. This is circular Plastic is hereplastics management that reduces to stay, but at least were talking aboutONLY JUST BEGUN environmental impact and creates recycled plastic now. The journey hassustainable products for the future.only just begun.Were pleased and proud that our new plastics process Without everyday plastics, carbon emissions woulddelivers a material of high quality that Trioplast can use in its skyrocket; among other reasons, due to increased food wastemanufacturing and thereby enables further sustainable flows and heavier motor vehicles. We do, however, face a commonthat increase its use of recycled plastic. For us, this is rewarding challenge in the form of littering, as plastic sometimes endsconfirmation of our expertise, as well as the addition of a up in nature, outside our refuse collection systems.competitive product to our offering, says Kristofer.Nonetheless, thanks to a robust Swedish recycling cultureAt Trioplast, work continues to increase the amount of and infrastructure that is already in place, recycling has arecycled plastic in the companys products. good tailwind in Sweden. There really is no limit to what can be achieved. The journey towards a circular economy has only just Industry wants recycled material begun, says Andreas. Today, both industry and increasingly more companies are vying for access to recycled plastic for use in their production. This is a clear sign that domestic recycling needs to improve, as the more locally you can recycle the plastic, the better. Greater demand for recycled material will create the market needed to ensure profitability, which in turn enables us to develop new technologies and solutions. HereFACTSat Trioplast, where we already use 25 percent recycled plastic in our overall production, the ability to procure this material quicklyTrioplast and Stena Recycling have entered into a long-term collaboration and effectively is a must. This lays the foundations for us towith a focus on recycled plastic. Waste plastic is processed into pellets at invest heavily in something that will have a significant impactStena Nordic Recycling Center in the Swedish town of Halmstad. These for future generations, namely large-scale plastic recycling, sayspellets are then used by Trioplast to manufacture, for example, new bags Kristofer Sundsgrd, CEO Stena Recycling. The collaborationand carrier bags for use in retail. Together, we are increasing the amount of between Trioplast and Stena Recycling, wherein used plasticplastic recycled and contributing to an even more sustainable society.film is turned into new raw material, which in turn is transformed into new products, is the only one of its kind in Sweden. A trans-parent flow, with high traceability.13'