b'CUSTOMER CASE STUDYL ars Drewniok lives and works in Karlum, a community2,600 meters can fit on each roll, which is a time-saver for the in northern Germany, right on the border with Denmark.farmer that also benefits the environment.Having previously run the family farm alongside his job as a mechanical engineer, over the years the agriculturalFor the sake of the environmentbusiness has developed and taken a new form. Since 2008, heFor a few years now, Lars has been using the thinner silage has been working on his own farm, but also as a contractor tostretch film that is supplied together with Trioplasts other local famers, offering services from harvesting to baling. Contractorwrap packaging solution, in which the film reels Our services are really appreciated by our customers, andcome without individual carton packaging. This benefits us the business is growing all the time. At the moment, I havegreatly. For example, it makes our work more efficient by three permanent employees and take on temporary workerssaving us time. Since the machine can be loaded with a larger when needed, Lars explains.amount of film, this means fewer interruptions to replace A lot of product development takes place in the field the roll. And we mustnt forget the environmental aspect. Trioplast primarily sells its productsA thinner film reduces material via major agricultural distributors,consumption, says Lars.but it is also important for the For Lars, it is important that the company to have close partner- film runs without hitch in the ships with experienced entrepre- machine, but it must also ensure neurs, people like Lars Drewniok. that the silage retains its high Lars provides valuable feedbacknutritional value. This is fodder that helps us develop new productsthat were going to feed our or improve our existing ones. Hesanimals, so of course the other a very valuable partner to us, saysfarmers and I want our animals Sascha Hagedorn, who managesto get silage of high nutritional sales of Trioplasts agriculturalvalue to ensure their well-being, products, as well as technicalLars continues.support in the same segment. Lars views his partnership with Thanks to our close partnershipsTrioplast in a positive light. The with end users such as Lars, wereproducts are of high quality and able to test new and existingwe work well together. Since products in the field. This meansproblems sometimes arise, I were always able to offer filmsdepend on having a partner whos that provide high and dependablealways there to offer expert help, silage quality, says Sascha. This isand Trioplast does that, says Lars, turning to Sascha.important because market demands on silage film performanceI like the fact that I can ask you for support, but that you are becoming increasingly tougher. At Trioplast, our productalso turn to me when you need someone to help out with your development is mainly focused on efficiency, silage quality andproduct tests. For me, this means that Trioplast is a supplier environmental friendliness, says Sascha, further explaining thatwhos interested in improving things for us, says Lars. He says field testing enables the company to ensure that its productsthat the partnership and field tests allow both parties to actually meet the high demands placed on them. develop much more effectively than they would alone. And this Weve been collaborating with Lars for ten years now. Hesis something that Sascha agrees with.been an important partner to us in the development of, amongLars and Sascha look forward to continuing their favourable other things, our mantle film and our thinner 19m silagepartnership and Lars underlines that he is open to doing more stretch film. With Lars help, we were able to run the tests infield tests that can benefit his own business, his customers and real-life scenarios, which was invaluable to us when developingTrioplast. Say, for example, that the tests can help to reduce the products, says Sascha. material consumption when using the film without affecting Sascha explains that in silage stretch film, the most commonlyfodder quality and my work, then Im most certainly interested. available thickness is 25m, but that with its PreTech technologyNot least for the sake of the environment, he adds.Trioplast has successfully developed products that are as thin as 19m. This means that instead of 1,500 meters per roll, up to 15'