26 dana is the leading global trade organization for the non-woven-related industry and the member companies, which represent the whole chain, create a good basis for driving through changes in the entire sector.   “Edana pursues issues concerning in- novation and sustainability together with its members with an aim to create growth in the sector and added value for both members and consumers,” states Kristin Geidenmark Olofsson, who was recent- ly selected to chair the Regulatory and Chemical Management working group at Edana. Common industry standard Trioplanex International AB and Trioplanex France SAS play an active role in several committees and working groups. The aim, among other things, is to create a com- mon standard for the hygiene industry. Active membership means a lot for Trio- plast’s Hygiene division.   “Being so active means that we are always well-informed about what is hap- pening in the industry and that, together with the other members, we can pursue key issues that are important for us and the industry,” says Kristin Geidenmark Olofsson.   One example of this is the creation of a certification for the hygiene industry.   Trioplanex France SAS is actively partici- pating in the pilot stage. EDANA– A GLOBAL NETWORK FOR SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION TRIOPLAST PLAYS AN ACTIVE ROLE E THIS IS NON-WOVEN Non-woven is a fabric material that is extruded from polypropylene via a spinning process. Polypropylene can be repeatedly melted into solid forms through heating and cooling, and all waste material can be reused. In addition, it is a very energy-efficient production method com- pared, for example, with textiles or paper.