29 wo extruders at Trioplast in Landskrona has been fitted with new cooling batteries and new basket rings. Both investments help to increase production capacity and reduce waste. Monitoring temperature The cooling batteries make it possible for production to run at full capacity even at the highest temperatures without com- promising on the high quality that is to be delivered to customers. “Being able to run full production regardless of the weather means we can increase each extruder’s capacity by at least 10%,” says Production Manager, Oliver Brikker. Reduced environmental impact The new basket rings ensure that “pinch marks” on the film are minimized and that wastage is therefore reduced. “Redu- cing production reruns of film saves time, reduces costs and creates environmental benefits,” states Oliver, who emphasi- zes reductions in both energy and water consumption.   The investments, which together pro- vide increased control of production, also create greater possibilities to shut down the department on several occasions during the year. “This means that we further reduce our environmental impact, which is our ambi- tion in everything that we do,” concludes Oliver. REDUCED WASTE FOR THE GOOD OF THE ENVIRONMENT TRIOPLAST LANDSKRONA