11 1960s The first factory is built and the business expands Together with Anton Svensson, Erik builds a new industrial facility of 160 m2 in the Eastern Industrial Area of Smålandsstenar. One year later, the first employee was hired, and more people joined the company as EAB grew. The existing manufacturing area was expanded into new types of wrought iron work and assembling for the local market. Several additions were made to the factory over the years. In connection with a major expansion in 1970, there is also a need for steel buildings and industrial doors. Instead of purchasing these from external suppliers, Erik decided to manufacture the steel buildings and doors for his new extension himself. This went really well and became the start of two new product areas at EAB: EAB Steel Buildings and EAB Industrial Doors. The first steel building projects delivered from EAB was to Smålandsstenar’s Tennis Association, a collaboration which has, since then, continued via sponsorship and active participation in the club.