19 1980s Growing power that is spread around When EAB enters the 1980s, the factory has been granted planning permission and expanded no less than 28 times. The company includes 70 employees and sales are around SEK 35 million. There was a wonderful positive spirit, and after the oil crisis of the 1970s, the market is back in full swing. EAB’s good reputation grows, and now we start to gradually export EAB doors to Norway. 1984 – A New Generation After finishing their studies, it is time for the second generation of Anderssons to take over at EAB. In 1984, Erik sells the business to his children; Sven-Gunnar became head of the Steel Buildings business area, Per-Åke became CEO, and Catrine handles finances and administration. The new generation is equally determined to take the company to a new level!