27 New graphics and the slogan ”Built to last” is launched As the company grows, EAB also strengthens its position on the market. We want to go from being a supplier to consciously developing a strong brand with added value that is associated with what we stand for and deliver to both our colleagues as well as customers; Customer service, Commitment, Knowledge and Quality. All of this is summarised with the slogan ”Built to last”. A concept that quickly becomes visible and synonymous with EAB. A new graphic with a modified logo is launched, and now we are starting to actively build our brand. Three becomes two In 1997, in connection with EAB’s 40-year anniversary, one of the siblings, Catrine, decide to sell her share of the company to Sven-Gunnar and Per-Åke, who, with faith in the future, are committed to expanding the family business. When the 1990s comes to a close, EAB has sales near SEK 200 million and 130 employees.