29 2000s Hands-on owners who are willing to invest The desire to generate growth in all of EAB’s three business areas, Storage Equipment, Doors, and Steel Buildings is clearly expressed by our owners Per-Åke and Sven-Gunnar, who with their active engagement in the business, are always ready to quickly make decisions in terms of development and new investments. Quick decision-making processes and negotiations are a large part of the corporate culture at EAB. And this becomes extra clear during the 2000s. The conscious investment in the export market means that EAB will strengthen its position outside of the country’s borders in the form of separate companies by purchasing our resellers. The first was in 2001, EAB Storage System Nederland B.V., the second in 2005, EAB Finland OY, the third in Norway 2008, EAB Lagerteknikk AS.