5 From the farm to industry The story of Erik Andersson, founder of EAB, starts in 1928 in the village of Kvarnaryd, between the towns of Smålandsstenar and Burseryd. As a farm boy from Småland, Erik was already aware of the importance of taking care of the little things and that getting ahead involves hard work. When Erik was 19, he decided to explore life beyond the farm and got a job in a metal factory. A job where he was also given the opportunity to learn about welding. 1950s EAB is born in a basement The desire for fresh air grows, and in 1953, Erik gets a new job as a construction worker with the local carpenter, Anton Svensson. The combination of both welding and carpentry leads him to his next challenge in 1957, when he starts his own business Erik Andersson Byggnadssmide. A company that initially started in the basement of his house, where Erik got lots of help from his wife Alice who also played a significant role in the family business.