patent for the world’s first radio shuttle for this type of system – Maxipacker. The project is delivered together with BT to the German company, Papstar, and becomes the beginning of a completely new era at EAB. On the export market, Maxipacker is renamed EAB Radioshuttle. EAB Radioshuttle takes EAB to new levels It appears that there are many people who need a new way of handling storage efficiently. The new system creates entirely new opportunities for the customer to achieve maximum utilisation of their storage space, which is unbelievably valuable not least for customers handling pallets in cold or freezer storage. The machine can handle all temperature zones, and EAB, through our Radioshuttle System, becomes associated with a whole new level of engineering. Our reputation spreads, and shortly thereafter EAB receives a record large order from New Zealand, one of the world’s largest dairy companies, Fonterra. A collaboration that is still ongo- ing in 2017. Business will soon also be carried out with other long-distance dairy customers in Australia. 1990S