23 beginning, the product line consists of pallet racks and storage racks for a drive-in stacking system. Since then, EAB has been developing new products based on their customers’ need. A lot is also going on within the Doors business division. A new, high insulation door has been launched, which is perfect for the Nordic climate. A new sales company was started in 1987 in Sundsvall, EAB Norrland AB. Moving to a new location! The investment in storage equipment requires larger premises, and in 1988, EAB moves into a new location (17,000 m2 ) with the best imaginable location close to Nissastigen. At the same time, the offices for EAB Storage Equipment move from Jönköping to Smålandsstenar. “WE ARE PROUD OF OUR STAFF, OTHERS ARE PROUD OF THEIR MACHINES”.