21 EAB Storage Equipment – a milestone The same year that the new generation took over, EAB receives a request to start production and sales of storage equipment. EAB has both the knowledge and technical capacity, and we see this as a chance to create new business opportunities and thereby to continue to expand. In order to distinguish ourselves on the market, we create ”The EAB way of construction” – a contstruction to provide maximum stability. It involves finding a way to distinguish yourself in an industry that is fiercely competitive. Our thoughts about construction also fits well with EAB’s philosophy regarding customized solutions, sustainability and quality. More employees and a new high-insulation door To start, the new branch of the business is run as a separate company in Jönköping (a town in Småland, one hour away from Smålandsstenar). Ten new employees are hired, and EAB’s total sales increase by close to SEK 15 million. From the