Praiseworthy locations Sales increase and the facilities in Smålandsstenar are expanded and adapted to make for an attractive and motivating place to work, including a fitness area and a large, bright dining hall with lots of space for all of the employees. A location that is awarded an architecture prize for the Gislaved municipality. Forging becomes engineering In the 2000s, EAB further strengthens its position on the market and goes from being purely a manu- facturer to becoming a knowledge company within their respective field. Simple forging work turns into complex engineering projects when the combined knowledge among all of our employees is united with our customers’ needs and our ability to meet them through close cooperation with our production team. Industrial doors become Doors and the new term Designline is coined After many years of being synonymous with Industrial steel doors, EAB decides to invest in taking our door product line to a new level by responding to new requests in 2000S